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Kun Tuo’s biostatistics team includes biostatisticians and statistical programmers. Our biostatisticians are experts in biostatistics and have extensive experience in various therapeutic areas to maintain the high quality of our biostatistics services. The programmers have both local and global SAS programming experience, allowing us to provide efficient, high-quality and customized programming services.

Our strengths

  • Comprehensive SOP system
    We have established a comprehensive bilingual (Chinese and English) SOP system based on IQVIA’s SOP framework and the legal provisions and relevant guidelines in China. Leveraging external statistical experts and IQVIA biostatistical experts’ support, we maintain high-quality service delivery for customers.

  • Support from IQVIA
    IQVIA shares SAS programming expertise with Kun Tuo and provides guidance in terms of practical programming, statistics analysis plans and reports.

Our biostatistics services

  • Statistical support for protocol design, including sample size estimation
  • Data management support
  • Randomization/randomization system setup
  • Statistical analysis plan development
  • SAS programming
  • Interim/final statistical analysis outcome and report compilation
  • Meta-analysis
  • CDISC service
  • Biostatistics consulting