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Culture and Vision


Kuntuo’s vision is to be the leader of China local contract research organization (CRO). Backed by IQVIA, we attentively provide professional service with high quality.

Core Value

To earnestly honor the commitments and conduct internal & external business in an open and transparent manner, that is based on a practical and realistic attitude. Integrity is the foundation of interpersonal cooperation & company’s development.
  1. Advocate the culture of integrity, build the spirit of integrity and create the company’s atmosphere of integrity.  
  2. Project a sincere and truthful individual image of matching words with deeds, and fulfill the duties diligently. 
  3. Take on a “down-to-earth” attitude in our daily work; and be honest in everything we say.
  4. Be punctual, faithful and dependable in conducting business; follow the right procedures in everything we do.
  5. Foster healthy and harmonious interpersonal relationships, encourage candid communication among employees as well as between employees and customers

Gave priority to the interest of the company, nurture active participation with personal devotion. Proactively solve the problem and be accountable person.
  1. Seriously finish each task as scheduled, make utmost effort in completing the project on time.
  2. Actively be involved in the development of the company and department, enthusiastically put forward good advice and suggestions.
  3. Engage in introspection first when confronting problems at work and take responsibility for the results.
  4. Respect and protect the company’s benefit and image
  5. Maintain proactive work style; voluntarily undertake the extra work and responsibilities
Be willing to share individual resources and experience and be good at listening and accepting different suggestions and opinions; establish, achieve and fulfill agreed targets with the team members through mutual support.
  1. Be team goals oriented, coordinate and facilitate the achievement of goals; be happy to provide team members with as much help as possible.  
  2. Based on the individual's expertise, encourage to share with others advanced work experience and methods to promote mutual growth for team members.  
  3. Create client-oriented cooperation, proactively seek the true understanding of the customer needs.
  4. Be inclusive in various points of view, listen carefully and understand others’ opinions and suggestions.
  5. Build team culture of mutual trust and respect as well as frank communication. 
Advocate the conception of creativity, actively improve or optimize the work flow and process, and be bold in exploring new methods to offer efficient and high-quality solutions. 
  1. Encourages creative thinking; involve employees in the decision-making. Different points of view and free debate are encouraged.   
  2. Adopt and seek the external ideas, concepts and methods so as to make suggestions in improving work. 
  3. Develop policies to encourage innovation, recognize and reward employees’ innovative behaviors in a timely manner.
  4. Advocate mutual collaboration and communication and knowledge sharing so as to foster innovation. 
  5. Look for new technologies, process or new methods to improve and optimize the work patterns & workflow.

Team Building

Team Building